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If you have decided you would like to purchase a puppy, the first step is to click on the QUESTIONNAIRE link, complete it and email to

We safely fly our pups to most major airports within Canada. Extra charges for shipping are a pet carrier, airfare, and transport to our local international airport. 


* Please do not email over your personal information if you are not ready to commit to a puppy.


* We reserve the right not to sell to a particular buyer if there is any question about the buyer’s ability to properly care for the puppy. 


The second step is to read over the Puppy Agreement Contract/Guarantee and to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Please contact me and ask me to send you the Contract/Guarantee. I will be in touch with you when it is time to complete this form.


​The final step is to show your commitment by placing a deposit to hold your puppy choice. The preferred method of payment is e-transfer, we find this safe, secure and fast.

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