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Half Day: $23 One dog   

            $33 Two Dogs

Full Day: $28 One Dog   

           $39 Two Dogs

DAYCARE PUNCH CARD(non-refundable and never expires)

One dog:  10-day card $260   

           20-day card $520

Two dogs: 10-day card $370   

           20-day card $740

(2nd dog must be of the same household)


One dog: $38 

Two dogs: $63

Three dogs: $88

(2nd and 3rd dogs must be of the same household)


One cat: $21   Two cats: $37

(2nd cat must be of the same household)

For the safety of your pet and all persons, please ensure your dog is in a crate or on a leash when you arrive.



INTERACTIVE Add-on Services $8/each

  • Ball Time: Your dog will be taken outside to play ball one-on-one.

  • Cuddle Time: Special one-on-one cuddle time will be provided.

  • Swim/water Fun: Playing in the water is a real cool down and great exercise for summer fun. Up to two dogs per family. Only for dogs 40 pounds and under, duration is for 10-15 minutes at a time.

  • Leash walk: 20 minutes

  • Midnight Potty Break: If you would like your dog to briefly go out between 11pm and 12 midnight for a potty break, we can schedule this in.

  • Squeaky Toy: Your dog will get quality one-on-one attention playing with stuffed squeaky toys.

  • Calming Essential Oils: We have Adaptil or Lavender calming oil that will help with stress your dog may be experiencing.

  • Raised Bed or Soft Plush Pet Bed.


FOOD & SNACKS Add-on Services $5/each

  • Beef Patty: Add a large beef patty to your dogs mealtime.

  • Chicken breast: Add a large chicken breast to your dogs mealtime.

  • Rice: Adding rice is great for those dogs with sensitive stomachs.

  • Peanut Butter Kong: It's a toy and a and relaxing for your dog.

  • Tuna: Add 1/2 cup albacore tuna to your dogs meal.

  • Pumpkin: Great for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Adds probiotics and helps with gut flora.

  • Dental Stick: Clean teeth and freshen your dogs breath.

  • Nutrisource Kibble: Didn't bring food? We can provide our in-house food. $5/day for dogs under 25 lbs. and $10/day for dogs over 25 lbs.

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